Sedgwick Pie

"Have you ever seen the old graveyard up there in Stockbridge? In one corner is the family's burial place; it's called the Sedgwick pie. The pie is rather handsome. In the center Judge Theodore Sedgwick, the first of the Stockbridge Sedgwicks and a great-great-grandfather of Edie's and mine, is buried under his tombstone, a high rising obelisk, and his wife Pamela is beside him. They are like the king and queen on a chessboard, and all around them like a pie are more modest stones, put in layers, back and round in a circle. The descendents of Judge Sedgwick, from generation unto generation, are all buried with their heads facing out and their feet pointing in toward their ancestor. The legend is that on Judgment Day when they arise and face the Judge, they will have to see no one but Sedgwicks." ---Excerpt from an interview of John P. Marquand, Jr.

Sedgwick Pie Center of Sedgwick Pie with Theodore Sedgwick's grave on the left and Pamela Sedgwick on right and the rest of the Sedgwick family in circles around this center. Mumbet is included in the first circle. Photo by Barbara Beaulier
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Sedgwick Pie with Mumbet's Grave In the photo to the left, Mumbet's Grave is seen in the center of this shot, next to Catherine Sedgwick's grave - the Sedgwick Pie center is in background to the right
Theodore Sedgwick Grave Marker Inscription

Photo on the left is a Close Up of the Grave Inscription of Theodore Sedgwick
Photo by webmaster

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