Mumbet's Bracelet

Mumbet's Bracelet

Bracelet - Late eighteenth century

Double strand of gold beads made into a bracelet with etched clasp

L. 5 3/4 in. (14.6 cm), w. in. (1.3 cm) Engraved, inside clasp:


Gift of William Minot, 1884

This bracelet is at the

Massachusetts Historical Society

1154 Boylston Street

Boston, Massachusetts


The gold beads worn by Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman as a necklace as shown in Susan Ridley Sedgwick's 1811 miniature portrait of Mumbet and the bracelet is in the possesion of the MHS in Boston. Prior to her death in 1829, Mumbet gave the beads to Catharine Maria Sedgwick, daughter of Judge Theodore Sedgwick. Some of the beads were apparently lost over the years, and Catharine had the remainder remade into a double strand bracelet with gold separators between beads to replace those lost. The clasp with its rococo-revival engraving probably dates from this time, approximately 1840. The bracelet can be seen at the MHS.